Biofuel Crops Breeding and Improvement

AgraCast has developed agronomic production protocols that use modern mechanization and production technologies. The first two crops that AgraCast will concentrate on are castor and sweet sorghum. These are ideal candidates because they are high yielding crops that can be grown on land, not currently used for food production, and have great potential for yield improvement using genomic technologies. AgraCast has licensed the extensive germplasm collections, breeding programs, and cultivars developed by the experts at Plenus and genomics expertise from Synthetic Genomics.

AgraCast’s castor hybrids now being evaluated are yielding more than 3.5 ton/Ha per harvest cycle. In some locations it is possible to get more than one harvest per year.

AgraCast’s sweet sorghum cultivars offer yields in excess of those of sugar cane in similar environments with up to three harvests per year in the tropics.

Both castor and sweet sorghum are excellent rotational crops that positively impact the productivity of other crops in the rotation.

AgraCast evaluates breeding materials in a variety of environments from tropical to desert.

Natural Biocides

AgraCast is developing a new natural biocide product for soil treatment, plant protection and post-harvest applications. The product is patent protected and was derived from fungi naturally occurring in plant tissues. Through chemical characterization of metabolites, an optimal composition of ingredients was determined. The optimized composition has broad activity against a range of known plant pathogens including fungi and nematodes in addition to weeds control in soil treatment.

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